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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Boyd Rice on "Talk Back with Bob Larson"

Just finished listening to a fantastic audio program wherein evangelist Bob Larson interviewed Magister Boyd Rice of the Church of Satan in the early 1990s.

I just love Rice's unapologetic, unblinking, cold frankness in the face of Larson's over-the-top Christian hysterics. This is not uncommon behavior for Bob Larson, from what I know of the man. It cracked me up that here he was, in-studio with what he basically claimed was evil incarnate: a bigoted, anti-semitic, hate-mongering demon straight from the leadership of the world's most dangerous "organization," and yet NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE.

Larson repeatedly implored his listeners to chime in, to support God, to let Mr. Rice have it... To donate funds to the show... and only like three people called. And of those, two were on Boyd's side! And of those two, ONE WAS A JEW! Not only that, but the one caller that DID support Larson was a friggin' idiot! This was a priceless piece of radio history, I tell you. I don't know how many callers Mr. Larson usually gets, but it seemed as though he was quite disappointed in his little Christian soldiers. Perhaps on this day they heard something that made more sense to them???

If you want to hear the show, it can be found here. It can be found, along with other great Boyd Rice audio files, on Magister Rice's web site.