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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coaster Compendium - UPDATED to 71 coasters!

So here I am again...It's been some time since I've been to any new parks to experience new rides, and my home Six Flags park keeps adding carnival-type rides instead of coasters. However, we are planning a possible trip back east over Labor Day weekend this year, and we'll hit Six Flags America for the first time, and maybe even revisit Six Flags Great Adventure.

In the meantime, I've added two new coasters to the list, one being the second Justice League 4D I've ridden, which was in 2016 when it was new at SFGA. (By the way, my new personal high score is in the 59,000-point range. Still only in the top 1% all-time though.) The other new one I just experienced this past weekend at SFGA: The Joker Free-Fly Coaster. HOLY WOW! This is one of those that looks pretty cool in the videos, looks not quite as intimidating when you actually see it, but totally blew me away upon riding it. It was amazing but way too short for me. It was, however, plenty long for my 15-year-old son, who absolutely HATED it and refused to ever ride it again.

If you're not familiar with the concept of the free-fly coaster, let me fill you in. The harness and seat situation is similar to X-Flight in that you sit on either side of the track, two abreast, but it's there are two rows to each car so that your two seats begin by facing two other seats. The major difference is that these seats all rock back and forth--and even completely 360-degrees around--on the z-axis (like a Zipper carnival ride) throughout the entire ride--which has been designed specifically to thrillingly send you flipping end-over-end repeatedly by doubling back on itself several times throughout the duration.

This was obviously taken before we rode,
because he was not nearly this happy afterward.
The Joker also has a completely vertical lift hill. It's literally straight up. That was pretty cool in itself. It's a one-of-a-kind experience, and it's incredible. I highly recommend this coaster. The wait wasn't too bad this weekend--about 40 minutes. It did break down the first time we waited so we came back around later to ride it as a rainstorm was blowing in, but thankfully there was no lighting so nothing got shut down.

This puts me at a current count of 71 coasters. Seems like 100 is actually going to be doable, God willing. If we end up going on this Labor Day trip and also taking our 20th anniversary trip to hit both Texas Six Flags parks, I'll be creeping up there in no time.

I'm kind of irritated at myself for not riding the Cyclone when I was at Coney Island a few years ago. Not that it looked particularly fun, mind you, but simply because it's such a historic coaster and a cultural icon. Oh well. Maybe I'll get another chance someday. Won't catch me passing up an opportunity like that ever again, I assure you.

OK, so stay tuned! more to come I'm sure!
  • American Eagle (Six Flags Great America) [details]
  • American Thunder / Evel Knievel (Six Flags St. Louis) [details]
  • Avatar Airbender (Mall of America) [details]
  • Batman: The Ride (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Batman: The Ride (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • Batman: The Ride (Six Flags Great America)
  • Bizarro / Medusa (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Blue Streak (Cedar Point)
  • Boomerang / Flashback (Six Flags St. Louis) [details]
  • The Boss (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Cedar Creek Mine Train (Cedar Point)
  • Corkscrew (Cedar Point)
  • Dahlonega Mine Train (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • Dark Knight Coaster (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Dark Knight Coaster (Six Flags Great America)
  • Demon (Six Flags Great America)
  • Disaster Transport (Cedar Point)
  • El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Fairly OddParents Fairly OddCoaster (Mall of America)
  • Gemini (Cedar Point)
  • Georgia Cyclone (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • Georgia Scorcher (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • Goliath (Six Flags Great America)
  • Great American Scream Machine (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • Green Lantern (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Iron Dragon (Cedar Point)
  • Iron Wolf (Six Flags Great America)
  • The Joker Free-Fly Coaster (Six Flags Great America) **NEW**
  • Justice League Battle for Metropolis 4D (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Justice League Battle for Metropolis 4D (Six Flags Great America) **NEW**
  • Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Little Dipper (Six Flags Great America)
  • Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point)
  • Mantis (Cedar Point)
  • Maverick (Cedar Point)
  • Mean Streak (Cedar Point)
  • Millenium Force (Cedar Point)
  • Mind Bender (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • Mr. Freeze (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Ninja (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Ninja (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Opa! (Mt. Olympus Indoor Theme Park)
  • Pandemonium / Tony Hawk's Big Spin (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Pepsi Orange Streak (Mall of America)
  • Ragin' Cajun (Six Flags Great America)
  • Raging Bull (Six Flags Great America)
  • Raptor (Cedar Point)
  • River King Mine Train (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Rolling Thunder (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Rolling Thunder [bobsled ride] (Six Flags Great America)
  • Runaway Mine Train (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Screamin' Eagle (Six Flags St. Louis)
  • Shockwave (Six Flags Great America)
  • Skull Mountain (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • Space Mountain (Walt Disney World)
  • Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge (Mall of America)
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Great America)
  • Tidal Wave (Six Flags Great America)
  • Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)
  • Tornado (Adventureland)
  • Twister (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • V2: Vertical Velocity (Six Flags Great America)
  • Viper (Six Flags Great America)
  • Whizzer (Six Flags Great America)
  • Wicked Twister (Cedar Point)
  • Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  • X-Flight (Six Flags Great America)