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Monday, April 22, 2013

National Poetry Month #22

ME via INSTAGRAM: Downtown Peoria is due for record flooding by Tuesday.
The Peoria, Illinois riverfront is one day away from seeing a record flood crest of around 30 feet tomorrow. It is drawing a lot of gawkers down to the water's edge. I hope dearly that everyone behaves responsibly and remembers to keep themselves and their children a safe distance away from the flood waters.

With that thought in mind. I present a quirky, thought-provoking, sad yet serene poem by a true American master.

by Emily Dickinson

How the Waters closed above Him
We shall never know -
How He stretched His Anguish to us
That - is covered too -

Spreads the Pond Her Base of Lilies
Bold above the Boy
Whose unclaimed Hat and Jacket
Sum the History -