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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

E-book review: A protracted, wearisome endeavor

I purchased, weeks ago, a voluminous electronic collection of the myriad writings of one Mr. Howard Phillips Lovecraft. It is my intention to painstakingly forage my way through this immense volume story by story, poem by poem, letter by letter, until I stand victorious over my 9,163-page conquest, wiser as a reader and substantially more learned in the mythos of the Ancient Ones and related eldritch phantasmagoric creatures.

I shall, after having devoured each of the collection's offerings (if I myself have not been devoured instead), post in this forum my impression of the piece at hand, along with any newly discovered arcane diction I have added to my working lexicon as a result of said reading.

I am already several tales into this compendium, though to be fair you should know I have been consuming the offerings in a nonlinear fashion, skipping around pointedly to the stories that most pique my interest (weighing that, of course, against the heft of the tale itself, for sake of calculating the required time investment).

I shall begin my series of reviews with the tale I most favor of those I have taken in thus far. That shall be my forthcoming subsequent missive on this site, assuming the consumption of these tales does not drive me to madness. I thank you for your readership and await our next meeting in this Other World the gibbering hordes know as Cyberspace.