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Friday, November 30, 2007

A rant regarding religion

OK, about the Teddy Bear teacher in Sudan... What the hell? These Islamic idiots are putting an innocent lady in a prison that's over 5 times its capacity? All for naming a toy Muhammad? Shouldn't the extreme overcrowding be an indicator that they JAIL way too many people for stupid shit like this? I'm sure that won't come off the way it's meant, cuz all they have to do in response is start killing moonshiners instead of jailing them. That's not what I mean. What I'm saying is: YOU HAVE TOO MANY STUPID LAWS!
So naming a Teddy Bear after your precious prophet is an insult? But it was good enough for President Roosevelt! He no doubt took great joy in being associated with a beloved childhood icon. You know what? SCREW your precious Muhammad! And I'm not talking about the stinkin' bear!
Now, I'm sure there are people of Muslim faith who are very sensible. But the problem is, when you think about it, the fundamentalists are really the ones in each religion who preach and practice the TRUE faith. The fundies are the ones that get all the bad press, but they are the ones who usually take EVERY WORD in their holy scriptures as LITERAL GOSPEL. Offshoots and watered-down versions of the faith are some of the people who take the positive parts and leave the negative. I know plenty of Christians who do not judge people, teach that God loves everyone, gay or straight, black or white, those who marry outside their race, powerful women who stand on equal ground with men, etc. But many of these things I was taught were abominations in the eyes of God. Or at least frowned upon.
If you're not going to buy into the whole book, why buy into any of it? You can't in one breath tell me that the Holy Bible is the word of almighty God and then turn around and ignore the parts you don't like. That's hypocritical. And it tells me that even YOU don't believe it! You can't honestly believe in the veracity of a document as a whole without believing wholeheartedly in each individual point contained therein, especially if it is the INFALLIBLE word of an INFALLIBLE God.
That is why, increasingly more every day, I am buying into the idea that organized religion as a whole is a very BAD THING. I don't give a damn WHICH religion. They all promote hate and intolerance. I know realistically we will never live on an Earth devoid of religion. For some reason, people are drawn to it like moths to a flame. Just remember, sometimes the moth THINKS it's a flame and it ends up zapping him to dust in a purple whiff of ultraviolence.
I also recognize that violent religious crusades and clashes help our planet maintain its balance by thinning out our numbers. Just as earthquakes, cancer, AIDS, etc. do the same. Everyone can't live forever. Dying is a fact of life, the last fact of life. If we all lived forever, we really WOULD be in danger of stripping our planet bare of its resources. If only there were some way to make sure it was the WICKED who were weeded out. Too often, the ones in power are corrupt and succeed in wiping out vast numbers of the innocent.
I guess the Earth doesn't care who she kills off, just that the numbers have got to be maintained as closely as possible. Just goes to show how cosmically unimportant we all REALLY are. And if THAT doesn't make you want to cling to some hope of cosmic significance, I don't know what will. That's why, deep down, man feels he needs a God who created him for a purpose. But He didn't. Because there isn't.