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Monday, May 7, 2012

Fresh news from the camp of Manowar

Hot off the virtual presses comes the news that Manowar's new song, "El Gringo," is actually the theme song from a movie with the same name. Releasing soon, the movie appears to be a modern "B" western with tons of gunfire, exploding blood squibs and bad dialogue.

Perhaps it's prejudicial of me to give a review of the movie based solely on its trailer, but I'm pretty sure I'll be proven correct.

But I'm overlooking the point here. Manowar have finally made it onto a movie soundtrack! No, it's not the exposure they deserve; they should have been tapped for a song on the Thor soundtrack--that was a no-brainer. But for now, I'll take it.

The best news (for me) of yesterday's press release is the confirmation that the new album's direction will be similar to 2002's Warriors of the World, one of my favorite efforts by the band, and that we're still on track for a, "world premiere and digital pre-release in June 2012."

Hail and Kill. Gods of War, I await thy steel.