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Monday, October 18, 2010

Disc-free Netflix!

I knew it was coming, and today's the day! After a free app download tonight, I can say goodbye to that silly Netflix Instant Streaming Disc for my PS3. Playing a game? Decide to stop & watch a movie instead? No more disc swapping! Taking the PS3 on a trip out of town for some entertainment? No need to worry about taking that stupid disk and possibly losing it!

Looks like Netflix has made some more updates to the Wii and PS3 experience as well, such as adding the browsing experience to the console interface. That's helpful. If I decide to watch something on the PS3 but I'm not sure what, I can now check recent releases right from my PS3.

Loving that 5.1 surround addition as well. Now if the dumb PS3 could only pick up a wireless signal worth a crap I'd be able to watch movies on the PS3 in my living room where the 5.1 system is installed.

Thank you, Greg Peters, VP of Product Development at Netflix. You made me happy today.